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Splashdog Pools service technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and reliable - specialists in providing superior service with personal care and attention for all our clientele.

Dave Lopez, the owner of Splashdog Pools, has been working in the pool service and construction industry for over 25 years. He is bonded, insured, certified by the Los Angeles County Health Department and holds a C-53 California Contractors license. He is a former president and currently a board member of the San Fernando Valley Metro Chapter of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA). Dave’s extensive experience allows him to effectively solve any problem a pool may have. He regularly attends conferences, trade shows and seminars to make sure Splashdog Pools stays abreast of the latest developments and cutting-edge technology, so clients’ pools and spas receive top of the line service.

Dave Lopez Splashdog Pools

My wife and I live in the northeast San Fernando Valley, an area notorious for high winds that pool service companies avoid like the plague. When we purchased our home 15 years ago, it came with a pool that hadn’t been upgraded for over 30 years. It had old copper pipes and beat-up equipment, and was a nightmare to service. We have huge, beautiful trees in our yard and when we moved in, our pool was filled with leaves and debris all year round. The plaster and tile were also in terrible shape – time to remodel! We wanted a pool that would hold up during the strong winds, look good and heat quickly. With upgraded pool equipment, a Mediterranean Blue Hydrazzo finish and new tile, our pool is now stunning. The highly efficient piping design I installed means all of the debris on the surface of the pool gets pushed toward the skimmer while the automatic pool cleaner cleans the bottom. A simple but effective design – my wife calls it the “magic” pool that cleans itself. When designing your pool, you don’t have to go crazy. Sometimes all you need are just a few changes and you can have a magic pool too.

Looking forward to meeting all of your pool’s needs,

~ Dave

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Splashdog Pools has been working in the pool service and construction industry for over 25 years. We’re bonded, insured and certified by the Los Angeles County Health Department.