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dog friendly pools

Swimming pools can be extremely dangerous to dogs. Partly because the design of some pools makes it hard for dogs to get out of the water, many drown in residential pools every year.

This can even happen to confident canine swimmers if they succumb to exhaustion trying to find a way out.

Splashdog Pools specializes in designing dog-friendly pools. Owner, Dave Lopez, is married to Janine Pierce, renowned dog behavior expert and owner of J9’s K9s Dog Training. Both Dave and Janine are avid dog lovers – when you remodel your pool with Splashdog Pools, they can incorporate elements into the design of your pool that allow for easy entry and exit by any size dog.

For clients whose dogs are over-enthusiastic pool lovers, we also offer multiple choices of fencing for your pool – all easy to remove when you want to give your dog access and easy to replace when it’s time to dry off. 

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Splashdog Pools has been working in the pool service and construction industry for over 25 years. We’re bonded, insured and certified by the Los Angeles County Health Department.